Tsunami Fiberglass Kayak Paddle

Whether you’re wadding through the waves or speeding down river, the Crack of Dawn Paddle gets you there with ease. A durable two-piece 52" aluminum shaft perfect for kayak paddling. Set out on your next kayaking trip with the reliability of the Tsunami Paddle.

  • Best use: kayaking, touring and recreational use
  • Durable, aluminum construction
  • Two-piece aluminum shaft
  • Fiberglass reinforced with Polypropylene Blade 
  • 52" Length


Total Length 91 in 91 in

Shaft Length

52 in 52 in

Blade Length

19 in 19 in

Blade Width

7.5 in 7.5 in

Shaft Diameter

4.5 in 4 in

Total Weight

2.8 lbs 2.6 lbs

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