About Us

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Our Story

One of our earliest memories is trudging behind our parents with a hiking backpack that felt like we were carrying the whole world along for the hike. It was hot, the mosquitoes were biting, and our legs felt like they would give out at any moment. And we loved every moment of it.

Since then, camping and backpacking have been an integral part of our lives, a key way we stay sane in an otherwise hectic life. Now, we want to share some of our experience and learning in a way to help those of you out there who want to step outside the bustle of city living.

Our Mission

This is our way of giving back to the camping community by putting in the time and effort to find the best gear out there for your style of camping. From hardcore month-long treks across the mountains to weekend glamping, everyone has their own preference, and we firmly believe there is no wrong way to camp (except through unsafe or environmentally damaging practices, but that is a different matter altogether).

How We Choose Our Products

We curate the products for our lists on the basis of quality alone. Our guarantee is you won’t find a single product on a list that someone has paid us to say good things about. Instead, we choose the products for our lists entirely independently, based on our own experiences and expertise on all things outdoors.

We judge every product entirely on its own merits. If a top name brand puts out a terrible tent, it will NOT make it onto a list simply by having a recognizable name stitched onto the side. Rather than build lists around brands, we focus on factors such as durability, quality of material, and safety. These are what you want on your side when you step out your door, and they are how we choose the products we support.

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When you buy products directly through out links, it helps support us so we can continue building curated camping gear lists for you and other lovers of the outdoors.